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Enterprise Cloud Services

Access to important applications, such as QuickBooks, can be hosted on our servers so you can access them from anywhere without having leverage the cost of a server!

New Device Setup

New Device Setup

Need to get your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop set up, connected and configured? We do that!

Computer Troubleshooting

We fix your computer problems - so that you can get back to what you were doing!

Why Should You Choose Computer Tax Pros?


How much revenue would you lose if your computer systems were down for a day? Two days? What if your data was lost? We won't let that happen.

Technical Support

Your problem is our problem. Being proactive is best, but how you handle the problems is what counts. You can count on us.

Managed IT Solutions

Computer Tax Pros keeps you running smoothly, at a fraction of the cost of having your own in-house IT person.


Do you think hackers only go after big businesses? Think again! Cyber criminals are getting more and more sophisticated.